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We are a family owned and operated medical laundry service in Phoenix, AZ. We take pride in spreading our family mentality throughout our entire company, including our business model. Not only do we work together to serve you, but we make sure our work helps the local community as well. Over 90% of our earnings go back into small business in the Phoenix, AZ area. ValleyWide Linen Service appreciates your business with us, and always strives to support other local businesses!

We take pride in offering our clients a face-to-face experience that builds a lasting relationship. Our contract-free approach means you have the flexibility to schedule your services. Give us a call today to schedule your medical laundry service in Phoenix, AZ. 

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A medical laundry service can help you, your team, and your patients in a variety of ways. Scheduling a medical linen service will allow you to:
  • Provide clean and polished-looking uniforms for your employees
  • Host patients in a sanitary environment that supports their health
  • Reduce the spread of illnesses or contaminants between staff members and patients
  • Free yourself and your team from the responsibility of managing laundry
  • Enable your staff members to focus on patient care without the distraction of another chore
  • Maintain a complete array of linens, including sanitary uniforms, gowns, surgical apparel, bed linens, and towels

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